Hello, I’m Lysa! 
(pronounced "Lee" + "suh" or "Lisa")

I'm a digital producer who helps creatives & service-based entrepreneurs bridge the gap between their vision, strategy, and digital implementation.

So you have your WHAT
and you definitely know your WHY...
but HOW...
Well, that’s the one that is still eluding you.

The concept for your business is simple… in theory.
But when it comes to sitting down, planning it out or executing… well, any of it- you just get lost in a barrage of steps, blog posts, email campaigns, mailing list building efforts, and website edits.

That my friend, is what we in the biz like to call: spinning your wheels.
It doesn’t mean your business isn’t working, you just may have gotten a little lost somewhere between the A and the Z.

The good news is I’m here to help.
I can help you step out of YOUR head, YOUR box, YOUR business and see things from a fresh perspective.

As a digital producer, I bridge the gap between big picture vision, strategy, and implementation.

I Work With Entrepreneurs In Three Ways.

Your Digital Producer

"I need help producing my vision."

Are you trying to create online courses, digital marketing collateral, webinars, and more but don’t really know how to make all those techy pieces happen? Excellent! I can take your concepts and handle the production details, leaving you to focus on your business.

Your Team Partner

“I need you in my life.”

I offer a limited number of select clients the ability to hire me on as a key member of their operations. This work dives right to the heart of your business operations, with long term support, and an opportunity for continued digital production. 

Your Strategic Consultant

“I’m not sure where to start...”

Are you spinning your wheels on your next steps and not sure how to implement your business vision? Are you struggling to figure out where to put your focus? No worries - you and me will go over your whole shebang during comprehensive strategy sessions.

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Intuitive Digital Production

Riddle me this...
Who can read between the lines, see the forest for the trees, and has mastered the spin-move? That would be me.

Building a business requires more than just having a website, publishing a newsletter, and selling a smattering of offerings. (But, I'm thinking you already know that, which is why you're here ;) ). 

You're feeling a little haggard, tired of doing "all the things" (half of which you barely think you implemented correctly anyways), and spinning in all directions.

Before you throw your business baby out with the bathwater, take a deep breath, and know you don't have to go it alone. 

Where you can find me

Digital Producer

Fresh Take Productions began with a simple concept: that relationships are the heart of every great business. As a digital producer, I partner with our clients to help them produce their vision and grow a sustainable business through creative relationship marketing strategies, digital production campaigns, and ongoing support.

Founder & Mentor

Our mission at The Valued Workforce® is to create working experiences built on sound principles where the business, and everyone in it, thrive. We believe that everyone benefits, both economically and emotionally, when people feel valued at work. 

Free resources to Kick Your business into High Gear

project prep

This free 15-page guidebook was created with one goal in mind – to help avoid the stall-outs that happen at the beginning of projects, and thus help solidify online working relationships, while removing initial frustrations. Complete with references and resources, it’s a must-have for any digital entrepreneur!

appreciation guide

This guide was created to help you to start an appreciation revolution in your workplace. we share insights, ideas, and tips to get you thinking more about appreciation at work. Learn how to infuse appreciation into your working environment and strengthen your relationships.