Who's that girl? 

Wanna Play A Game?Two Truths and a Lie

A. I worked as a certified nursing assistant and certified bartender.

B. I once drove an emergency vehicle for injured cats.

C. I self-published a vegetarian cookbook and sold 2,000 copies door to door in college.

Raise your hand if you guessed B…cause it’s the lie.

Lysa Greer consultant

Hi, I’m Lysa! As a business strategist, I understand what it feels like to have a vision for your business – to want to see it come to life, and have it serve your core audience in a way no other business can.

But… LIFE gets in the way, and sometimes – even our BUSINESS gets in the way. We get so caught IN our business, that we can’t see the forest for the trees and lose sight on our ‘big picture’ goals.

That’s where my creativity kicks into high gear. You bring a concept, a vision, and I will bring ideas to make it happen. Everything you produce is unique to you – your clients and your way of doing business. I’m here to support your creations and help you connect with your ideal client.

Every project is unique, and the more eyes you can get on something, the more unique points of view you can get to help you gain focus and clarity. It helps build a creative energy around your projects, and can help you build something that will make a mark – your mark –  on the world.

OK, who’s ready for round two!

A. I cry when I hear the Canadian National anthem.

B. I  buried my diary in someone’s flower bed when I was 14.

C. …Oh wait…you just needed my professional bio…? You can get that right here.

But, if you want to see why I’m a Jack-of-all-trades (or Jill, if we’re getting all technical) keep scrolling

Things I’ve Produced


Looking for a team-building activity? Join a Mud Run with your peeps…nothing shows you what a team is made of more than mud and obstacles (seriously).. Over the years, I’ve led countless types of teams with people from varying backgrounds; from Chamber Board members, to interns, to radio personalities, to business owners. Each team brought me a fresh perspective on leadership and helped me grow as a team leader. And now, I bring this experience to entrepreneurs in order to help their teams “play nice” and run like a well-oiled machine.


If you lived in the Tennessee Valley between 2000 – 2011, chances are you either participated in a promotion I coordinated, or we partnered on one. From back-to-school fashion shows to Karaoke Idol to bridal shows and baby fairs, promotions were my jam for years. One of my favorites was a prom giveaway, where area high schools voted to see who would win a completely produced prom event. Now, my marketing skills allow me to solidly support my clients with lead generation and content marketing strategies.


When you work in radio for 12 years, you get to participate in campaigns on a daily basis. The one I am most proud of was a corporate cause marketing campaign, where I produced public service announcements that featured survivors of domestic violence, sharing their inspirational stories of survival. To this day, I remember these women, and am truly grateful to have had that chance to work with them. Now, my solid marketing skills come in handy for helping my clients with online launches and content development.


I don’t mean to toot my own horn here… but, I’ve produced some pretty amazing events (if I do say so myself). I’ve coordinated events in a variety of categories, from The Taste of Home Cooking School and Women’s Expo to the Tennessee Strawberry Festival (which, by the way, is a week long festival with daily events, and over 100,000 attendees…yea, it’s a pretty big deal!). Now, I use my coordination skills to help entrepreneurs see the bigger picture and create rock-solid action plans.


How’d I get my big break in radio? I have reality TV to thank for that. “Mike & Ed in the Morning” introduced me as ‘The Crazy Canadian’, and the rest – as they say – is history. I went on to do a mid-day show, then morning drive – which allowed me even more opportunities. From live-on-location broadcasts to commercial voice overs, my time in radio allowed me to develop and hone my ‘producer’ ear. Now, I use my love of broadcasting to produce podcasts, webinars, and dreams..



personality type








The “Official” Bio

With over 20 years of experience working with a variety of businesses, Lysa brings a comprehensive background in interactive and print media, broadcasting, corporate cause marketing, and promotional event planning to every project she produces. Her multi-passionate background has allowed her to gain both creative and business experience.

While working with local and regional business owners, she used her skill set to develop promotions and events tailored for specific outcomes. Lysa also worked in the production department, lending her voice to commercial work, and later, moved to an on-air position in the coveted morning drive slot. Positions in management, overseeing the sales, promotions, and interactive departments followed – all while spearheading the company’s corporate cause marketing.

Lysa started Fresh Take Productions, LLC., in 2014 and supports small businesses to unlock their fullest potential through holistic repurposing solutions that leverage their entire body of work. As a business strategist, she works with established entrepreneurs transitioning into growing a sustainable business through creative relationship marketing strategies, digital production campaigns, and ongoing support.

Lysa is also the founder of The Valued Workforce® where she shares her passion and goals to bridging the gap from fractured to fulfilled relationships in the workplace.