“Working with Lysa was an absolute dream. I’m very selective about the women I bring on to work in my business – mostly because I have a crazy work ethic and few people can keep up! From the moment I met Lysa, I knew I was in good hands. She’s one of those people who you can just TRUST to hold it all. Lysa blew me out of the water – She over-delivered on everything. She was always 3 steps ahead of everything I needed – strategizing solutions & creating new ideas. As a business owner, it’s rare to find someone like Lysa who has the same passion, attention-to-detail and CARE that I do about my business. I felt totally supported with her at my side. I was able to hand over production, creation, organization, and marketing to her and just show up to do what I do best. I was able to shine knowing that she had my back. I literally want to hire her for LIFE! She’s incredible and highly suggest you find a way to work with her!” Julie Santiago

“When I was having some struggles with a new hire, Lysa gave me such sound solutions I wound up bringing her on to lead operations and marketing for my growing team. At the time, I thought I was making another hire. Now, I realize I was making a significant investment in my business future–and my personal life satisfaction. Whether it’s resolving a hosting, website protection, or customer service problem, needing dynamic graphic posts or Facebook ads to drive significant traffic to an opt-in page or social media contest, or someone to help me host a webinar or co-lead a live event, Lysa over delivers on the results I need. She is efficient, self-directed, a strong collaborator and leader…and above all else, she truly cares about her clients. Hiring Lysa has been one of the best business decisions I ever made.” Alexia Vernon

“I thought I was only hiring a virtual assistant. To my pleasant surprise, I received something infinitely greater. Lysa’s capabilities and wider range of talents lead me to a website redesign, social media overhaul and an ability to refocus my attention on larger business goals. Her dependability and ease of communication frees my time up to concentrate on other things, without missing a beat.” ~ Kim Greco

“Lysa is an amazing, talented professional in her service to her customers. Her top attributes include great results, dependability, and creativity. She is personable, offers tremendous value, and has high integrity. Her abilities in the redesign of my website exceeded my goals and dreams. Having been in business 39 years in my CPA practice, she’s the most energetic and insightful marketing/graphic/ website person I have ever dealt with. If you want the job done right and professional the first time, you will not be sorry.William Wolske, C.P.A

“Before working with Lysa, I was feeling overwhelmed, and completely in over my head. Through her consummate professionalism, Lysa instilled confidence, offered sage advice, and always had my back. She is an amazing and talented individual who has a work ethic to match my own (and that’s saying ALOT!).” ~ Joanne Schneider 

“Lysa’s attentive listening and then swift problem solving always yields a solution to ANY problem I might be facing. Using all her resources to get an answer or find a way around a problem, I feel completely sorted after we’ve had a call. She organizes my priorities, helps me set goals, and actively find solutions immediately. When I need her, she’s there. Social media used to be such a weight on my schedule and I constantly felt guilty for letting posts slide. Having her on my team has been such a blessing and has freed me up for other work (like seeing my patients!) that I know I do best. She’s like my very own guardian angel. ” ~ Dr. Julie Durnan

“When I first contacted Lysa, it was to talk about a specific project. I was excited about the possibilities, but had no idea what was about to happen. We started talking about other ideas to make the business grow, and I shared some ideas I had. Like a pro, Lysa took the ball and ran with it. She started repeating my ideas back to me sharing how we could make it happen and for the first time in my business, I felt fully supported – like someone could see, not only my vision, but how to get there. Her attention to details, deadlines, and quality have far exceeded my expectations. I am deeply grateful.” ~ Gina Gomez

“Working with Lysa over the years has been a wonderful experience for our company. We have grown our social presence, executed fabulous promotions and built an online presence that has set us apart in the bridal industry. Lysa brings fresh ideas to the table and allows me to cultivate my own creativity, helping me to execute campaigns that have brought our marketing to the next level.” Steven Blechman

“Lysa is someone who just gets it. She is like a creative director, content curator and project manager all in one. She really cares about the details and generates ideas that I never thought of. If you’re an entrepreneur who is seeking a trusted, dependable business bestie, you should hire her. She’ll rock your world.” Annette Tersigni, RN

“Lysa has freed up so much of my time, ensuring my viewpoints and ideas are implemented into the content she creates for my clients and keeps our company at the forefront of their minds. This has helped us get numerous amounts of new and repeat business. She relays fresh ideas that help me stay in the loop and well rounded in my industry. It helps keep Pez Productions as a thought leader in the marketplace as well as someone who engages their clients more. Something I always strived to do, but never had the time so just let it fall aside. With Lysa as part of the team, we can have that aspect flourishing.” Fayyaz Khimani

“I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but needed someone else to see the steps for me. There were a few holes and working with Lysa helped me see them, which I am willing to bet, saved me some huge chunks of learning time. It was exactly what I needed. As I grow this business, I will come to Lysa first when I need clarity, strategy and production support. She helped me put my plan together to get started and even get offerings outlined. It made it easier for me to just get going!” ~ Anna Kowalska

“I came to Lysa feeling completely frustrated and overwhelmed. She was there for me, helped me sort out my overwhelm mess, and got me out of confusion. She transformed my wierd website into a more beautiful system that hooks to webforms, landing pages, and helped me organize my email funnels and customer flow. She also understood my budget and created wonderful tutorials for me to use myself, allowing me to build on what she organized. I definitely recommend her services and will be keeping her on list of support contacts.” ~ Grace Mosgeller

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