project management

Project management can be an area that quickly drowns any entrepreneur, if not paid attention to. My philosophy is – if you don’t manage your project, your project will manage you. Make your life a little easier by checking out any of these project management tools and resources that I have found invaluable.

Recommended Tools


I can’t imagine my life without this tool. After working with several different project management tools, I found Trello to be the one that suited my workload and team the best. You can collaborate with your team, organize your work projects, integrate Dropbox + Google Drive, and divide everything up in a ton of different ways. Best part? It’s extremely intuitive and can be used by any member of your team easily. LEARN MORE


What I like about Asana is it features core elements I HAVE to have in a PM tool – a calendar, area to converse with my team, and the ability to create projects, tasks, and sections within each. Plus, the interface is user friendly and the design elements are pretty. You can upgrade for more features, but, the basic free version is quite robust. LEARN MORE


This is my go-to tool for cultivating my content management. I use it everyday. It’s the best filing cabinet for collecting all my ideas and inspiration and allows me to also organize all my notes, thoughts and concepts into manageable notebooks I can share with my team. LEARN MORE

Google Drive

How would you like to have your files, photos, videos available to you on ANY device, ANYWHERE? Better yet – how would you like to share those files with your team in REAL time? Google Drive is a MUST have for me. It’s accessibility and storage are second to none and I love that I can edit documents and spreadsheets and share with my clients or team in seconds. No need to upload an excel doc, email, edit, etc. Just jump in, edit, and bam. Done. LEARN MORE


This is my newest find when it comes to communicating with my team and is fast becoming a favorite tool. For entrepreneurs or freelancers who work remotely, sometimes it’s hard to have conversations about projects and have the whole team on the same page. Slack answers this issue by offering real-time messaging all in one platform. What’s even better is it offers you the chance to also integrate other platforms like Google Drive and Trello (for example – they have a TON of others) and make certain channels private or open to the entire team. Learn More[/tab]

evernoteI’ll admit it – I was last to the discovery of Evernote. I know many people use it for a variety of things from writing all their content to collecting articles to sketching ideas. I use it primarily as a place to house all my ideas and I really enjoy that it’s accessible and syncs on all my devices. Evernote also have a free and paid version. Learn More LEARN MORE