Let’s Get Some Strategy Up In Your Biz!

You’ve got ideas out the wazoo for your business… ideas for courses, programs, and services that you can’t wait to create and give to your tribe. The issue isn’t a lack of creativity – it’s a lack of strategy!

How will you get your concepts off the ground!?
Which elements should be in place first?
How should the project be managed?
Oh, and how can a team help with production?

Take a deep breathyou got this. All that’s needed is a little strategic planning.

Strategic planning allows us to get all of your creative ducks in a row, and flush out every detail of your business concept. It produces a core foundation for your business production that includes a production timeline, complete scope of work, and prepares you for implementation and execution.

Core Areas of Focus

Digital Production

This core focus is around the creation and development of a new product, service, or offering.

Ready to Start?

Let's get started on mapping out all the production details around your new offering now!

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This core focus is around establishing a strategic plan for your online marketing solutions.

Ready to Start?

Let's get started on mapping out all the production details around your online marketing now!

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This core focus is around developing your ideal business operating system.

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Let's get started on mapping out all the development of your business operating system!

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“After working with Lysa during our Production Strategy Sessions, I felt empowered, informed, and feeling like I worked with the right person who understood me and my vision. I found Lysa to be detailed, goal-oriented, flexible, and found her to be an amazing listener. Her energy, detail orientation, and devotion to the task amazing.” ~ Edita Atteck

What You Can Expect

  • Pre-Work + Assessment

    During our pre-work together, you will complete an in depth questionnaire that will act as a baseline and provide details on the current status of your business and/or project. This information will help us assess where you are and where you want to go.

  • Brainstorm + Strategy

    During our 90 minute strategy session, we will brainstorm your project and strategize on exactly what steps should be taken in order to implement and execute your desired goals.

  • Custom Strategic Plan

    After our strategy session, I spend time cultivating your custom strategic plan, along with a detailed scope of work that will be ready to implement by you or your team immediately. {*Note: You can apply this strategic plan towards any of my production projects.}

  • Email Support

    Helping you feel supported in your next strategic steps is extremely important to me, which is why you can expect email support and check-ins after our session.

After your Strategic Planning Session, you’ll walk away with:

  • A concise strategic plan, complete with your full scope of work to produce your project’s vision.
  • Includes a complete list of tasks, checklists, timelines and recommended tools to complete your project.
  • Laser-focused action items to take to your team.
  • Strategic next steps to help guide you through your target objectives.

Your Investment = $397

“Before working with Lysa, I was wondering how much value I’d get out of the sessions. After working with her, I felt a lot more excited about my plans and like I have a solid handle on what I need to do in order to birth my vision. Lysa was very helpful, came to the sessions with great ideas, and delivered exactly what she said she would. I’m so excited to move forward!” ~ Dawn Serra

Are you ready?

Still struggling to know exactly what you need to move your projects and business forward? Schedule your strategic planning session now!